IS IT boom or doom in the news business? Headline-grabbing sums are being invested in online newspapers: Axel Springer, a
Thanks to a booming trade press, lobbyists and other insiders know what’s happening in government. The rest of the country
ven if that audience isn't willing to pay directly for content, membership packages allow newspapers to offer something different, an emotional connection with their core readers complemented by special deals and opportunities. Expect memberships to become a more common feature.
Friends and acquaintances across the Middle East/North Africa region often ask for advice on matters related to journalism, media in general, ethics, and how to prepare young people for this very exciting and ever-changing field.
The Indian news cycle has been operating at a feverish pitch of late. American media players are attempting to foray into the Indian market for online news, and results have been mixed so far.
A September 2012 survey on social media engagement patterns by gender and age conducted by Global Web Index presents an interesting
For years, the newspaper spurned the idea of charging readers for content, even as competitors like the New York Times and
The Seattle Times will begin a digital-subscription plan in March, Times Executive Editor David Boardman told readers in
The Audit Bureau of Circulations released its semiannual circulation report on Tuesday, revealing that The New York Times
As Douglas Ray, publisher and CEO of Paddock Publications, the newspaper's operator, explained when he announced the paywall