In contrast, nearly all the major labor unions have backed Hillary Clinton.
The debt-free resolution is backed by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which is hosting events at town halls at
ThinkBig has already received a number of ideas for potential policy, including automatic voter registration, discharging
He pointed to the Michigan House race between Upton, chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, and challenger
Whether it was the minimum wage, paid sick leave or reproductive rights, majorities of voters in states around the country
"If we win Iowa, we're going to do just fine," he said. "Iowa is critical. There's no other way to say it." The Iowa Senate
"In 2012, PCCC members rallied around Elizabeth Warren's economic populist message and we were her #1 grassroots supporter
"President Obama is taking steps to sound more like Elizabeth Warren," Green said. "It's a good thing for America, and a
The rules would include an additional 2 percent standard for the holding companies of large banks, meaning overall parent
Sciortino's early announcement that he would oppose military intervention in Syria played a major role in why the Progressive
Tonight, President Obama has the burden of proving that America has a concrete goal in Syria and that declaring war is the only way to achieve that goal.
Open Debates will be a game changer in our political process -- ensuring that questions get asked that the public actually cares about. What starts in Massachusetts will hopefully become the norm for local, state, congressional, and even presidential debates in the future.
Signing the letter, along with Galland, Jones and Moulitsas, are Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founders Stephanie
He also issued a preemptive statement Thursday calling on the president to shy away from cuts to Social Security. Many other
McConnell is trying to take advantage of President Barack Obama's push on gun control to garner support for his 2014 reelection
The new purchase of more than $15,000 in advertising adds to an ongoing $27,700 campaign for ads that will air in Kentucky
Baker and Swartz's father, Robert Swartz, contrasted the activist's efforts with those of other tech pioneers who had directed
"MoveOn dumped some of the most talented, effective campaigners in progressive politics without any input from their own
The operational aspects of the campaign are interesting here. The PCCC has a paid call center that it will manage itself