Peabody Energy

Downey Magallanes, a top aide of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, met with senior officials of her father's longtime employer, Peabody Energy, in June.
A lack of leadership in Washington makes it "increasingly important" for local communities to step up, says city lawmaker Lewis Reed.
For decades, fossil fuel was the only game in town. Now, even that is threatening to disappear.
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This underscores the reality that the decisions that matter are being made in the states.
Climate deniers are fast running out of deception and lies. Just a few days ago, an exhaustive report by the Energy and Policy
Trump in the past has said the United States should “cancel” the deal.
Jettisoning the image of children gazing across scenic landscapes on public land, the Bureau of Land Management has replaced
Despite White House executive orders and gains in overall coal production, jobs-starved Appalachia is forecast to see a 3.3 percent decrease in mining.
Coal producers made a big, fat, losing bet on overseas demand. Donald Trump can't do anything to change that.
90 companies accounted for 65 percent of worldwide carbon emissions between 1854 and 2013.
Scientist Roy Spencer is one of dozens of creditors named in Peabody Energy's bankruptcy documents.
To me, 'Earth Day in Texas' evokes the mental image of cowboys tending to oil derricks and treehuggers advocating to protect polar ice caps from melting.