peace deal

Six weeks after a vote rejected a previous agreement, Colombia has another chance at ending its war.
Millions of people will vote "yes" or "no" on the historic peace deal.
The accord will end a five-decade war that has killed a quarter of a million people.
Andrés Felipe Arias, convicted on corruption charges, was arrested hours before Colombia announced a peace deal with FARC guerrillas.
The deal marks a success for the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
22 Democratic and 36 Republican members of Congress spent a full week of the August recess in Israel rather than among the constituents they were elected to serve.
October 7 marks the tenth anniversary of the beginning of U.S. war in Afghanistan. There is no certain end in sight for U.S. involvement, and concerns are growing over the United States' capacity to bring stability to the country and the region.
There was general merriment on the streets of Mingora, the valley's most important town, say activists based in Peshawar
The Sudanese military has launched an air and ground assault on insurgents' positions in South Darfur, according to a rebel