Peak oil

Buried deep along the continental shelves of many of the world's oceans is an intriguing, recently uncovered, hydrocarbon
Dealing with resource scarcity will compel companies to adopt new technologies, new manufacturing processes, and new management practices -- all of which will drive innovation faster and faster. As the global middle class expands, there will be massive opportunities for entrepreneurs to create more efficient industries and more productive business ecosystems. Technologies and industries will collide in new and unexpected ways, and these entrepreneurial mashups, inspired in part by scarcity, will potentially produce greater utility and prosperity for society at large.
Just about every commodity we depend on is becoming scarce: oil, natural gas, key metals, rare earth elements, and even arable land. As a result, like greedy little kids with a cookie jar, we are scraping the bottom to get all that remains.
While there are those who believe that China will rule the world, including a few close friends of mine, the odds, I think, are greater that in time a number of hurdles will prove to be insurmountable.
"Nearly two scores ago, the Group of Seven was originally created to lead the way towards world peace. Humanity today is
But the one pervading thought was, wherever I went, how badly government was broken. From local municipalities to the U.S. Congress to the United Nations, all signs point toward a declination of our lifestyle because of their inability to govern.
Swine flu, though, conjures dark images of your mortality. The communications industry, like CNN, saturates air time on such issues because they know people will watch.