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We had the pleasure of working with Intercontinental Hotels Group on this very topic last week. What is Mindful Mojo and
Like with physical strength training, you can deliberately build Fierce Focus with mental strength training. Here are a few training tips.
Sleep deficiency affects both athletes and the general public alike. It can be the difference between victory and defeat as well as between a safe drive home and a motor vehicle accident.
What can you accomplish in the next 92 days? The 3rd quarter of 2016 (like most 3rd quarters) has inherent challenges.
And so it was that I discovered the Super Mind in my patients and myself as we continued to practice Transcendental Meditation over time--distinct changes in consciousness that were accompanied by benefits in daily life.
Dr. David Bach, founder and president of The Platypus Institute, explained to an audience at the annual conference of the Women Presidents' Organization (held this month in Baltimore, MD) how people can make their working lives more efficient by becoming more conscious of their everyday patterns.
For more on AHRC NYC or to donate, visit: Jesse Orosco (1986 Mets World Series
We all crave feedback, so any performance review, even those that involve stack ranking of employees, have the opportunity to highlight good performance, and this can be used encourage people to continue with their good work.
The collective heart of the champion will dictate which team performs in the Zone at the right situation or circumstance
Even if you're not a professional athlete, you still want to operate at peak performance. Giving your body the support it
As it is the end of year, I have been reflecting on what has unfolded in business. This created a list of the 13 things I did (and continue to do) that helped me create the business of my dreams.
I couldn't wait for the package to arrive in the mail, and when it did, I listened to the course constantly -- driving in
SM: What should people "do" when they feel stressed, anxious, or angry? ET: That is one of the most common questions I get
The last thing I imagined myself doing a few weeks ago was racing Porsches in Alabama. It just goes to show you how life's curveballs can come at any moment. An invitation from a friend turned into a life-changing experience.
Tis the season of the bracket buster, the upset story, the Cinderella team. Tis the season when we turn on the TV rooting for no one and, in the final seconds, find ourselves shouting for a team we know nearly nothing about.
Having just read the title of my new article, you may be thinking: "Has Dr. Jim finally lost it? What does sleep have to do with sports?" Let me explain. Have you ever tried to sleep? You lie in bed and tell yourself that you have to sleep and you try, try, try to sleep. It doesn't work, does it?
One of the first questions that I ask athletes and coaches I work with is: Should you compete like you train or train like you compete? By far, the most frequent response is: You should compete like you train. This answer seems perfectly reasonable if you think about it.
Well, it's that time of year again... when most people break their New Year's resolutions. Connect with Ed: Free Peak Performance
If you're in the midst of something difficult, find a way to gain perspective. Approach your challenges with gratitude not resentment; with fascination not frustration.