It was an ordinary morning, I had just opened my computer when a new email flitting by on the top right of my screen caught
Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is never alone. Even though he opens his current world-wide concert series 'Disorderly Conduct' with a 20-minute hilarious solo stand-up comedy routine, there are dead people behind him, held captive in little black cases ready to spring into action. Okay, one dead 'person.' Achmed, the Dead Terrorist -- one of his most popular dummies whose most famous line: 'Silence! I kill you!' never really gets old.
When you find out what this stands for, you'll kneel down before this recipe.
But maybe we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. The Internet is chock full of so-called future champs. And as USA Today notes
If you think of peanuts as just something to eat at ball games or as the essential ingredient in a peanut-butter-and jelly sandwich, you are seriously underestimating Arachis hypogaea.
The peanut crop is not the only commodity to suffer from severe weather conditions. French wine and Italian pasta are some
At least once or twice a week, I go food shopping. While you might imagine me pushing a cart through the aisles of a grocery store, these weekly trips actually take place in my dining hall.
(CBS) A former employee of the Georgia peanut plant at the center of a criminal investigation in a nationwide salmonella