peanut allergy

"Some nights, I can't sleep thinking about the close calls."
A story of a journey through peanut allergy treatment.
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I was riveted as Charles spoke of his family, his history, how art (specifically painting) influenced his ingredient choices
I was sitting down at my computer when an email popped up on my screen. I smiled at my screen when I saw the return address
Children with peanut allergies are aided by the inclusion of probiotics in their normal treatment regimen, new research suggests.
"Oral immunotherapy" can help you reintroduce foods after an allergy has begun.
Scott H. Sicherer, M.D., Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Professor of Pediatrics, Allergy and Immunology, Chief of the Division of
Teresa Seely said her son could have died from the alleged prank.
New landmark federal guidelines are making waves in the allergy community. On January 5 the National Institutes of Health
Many of my friends and family truly thought that I could now somehow “fix” my 11-year-old son’s allergy.
Withholding the nuts may actually contribute to the deadly allergy, a national panel concludes.