peanut butter recipes

I'm not even kidding when I say I could live off of peanut butter if it was a respectable thing to do. Seriously though, peanut
Do you love peanut butter? From the best peanut butter cookies ever to a spot-on copycat of CPK's Thai Peanut Dressing, you'll want these peanut butter recipes in your life forever.
Get the Peanut Butter "Cheese" Ball recipe from Like Mother Like Daughter. This peanut butter cheese ball is precisely what's
On sandwiches. In smoothies. Out of the jar. We eat peanut butter on the reg. But the one thing we need more of in our lives? Peanut-butter. Here are 21 of the best peanut butter recipes ever.
Chocolate vanilla swirl cashew butter. Boo-yah.
Since it's impossible to have just one serving of full-fat PB, this low-cal version might come in handy.
Musician Charlie Daniels likes the chunky stuff: Guys I try so hard to like chunky peanut butter but I just can't — Kellen
They're super worldly and make home-cooked meals sexy and delicious.
By Lynn Andriani These cookies, bars, sundaes and other treats made with the classic combination will satisfy any craving
Hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, stews -- we've gone crazy!