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Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos champion the privatization of public education in the United States. They
The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) has a new website. On May 02, 2017, one could
Twenty-year veteran Broward County, Florida teacher Julie McCue and physical teacher Daryl Bryant, who has taught at a charter
A complete report on Pearson’s global activities by Alan Singer and Eustace Thompson of Hofstra University is posted by Education
What do you do with your CEO when your company loses record amounts of money and the value of its stock drops precipitously
As a teacher I have to proctor the federally mandated standardized tests. But I’ve opted my own daughter out.
Taskforce member Jamie Dangler, an associate professor of sociology at SUNY Cortland and Vice President for Academics of
In response to Pearson declarations Stock Market analyst Neil George of The Street called the stock decline "unprecedented
P: How will ASSESSMENT of student work and REFLECTIONS on this lesson shape future instructional practices and lesson objectives
Pearson Education, which boasts that it is the world's largest education publisher, distributes a textbook in South Africa that teaches secondary school students that at least some rape victims are responsible for being raped.
Two months ago, a colleague shared with me a T-shirt describing a long list of responsibilities horrifying in scope and scale
NCS Pearson, Inc. (Pearson) offers the opportunity for schools to inform the advancement of education and receive educational
They are active in other parts of India as well. In Andhra Pradesh, the state government is in the process of out-sourcing
Bridge International Academies is also one of those companies that play dirty. Educational International (EI) just reported
NYS Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE) is calling on New York State parents to support a boycott of new high-stakes assessments