pedestrian deaths

This article was originally published on 24/7 Wall St. Once introduced, cars quickly became part of America’s culture — but
Data from Happy walking. Especially if you're in Florida... Each year, thousands
The trash plan itself is already archaic. This particular part of it is a disaster. For reasons that no one quite understands, de Blasio has not yet sent it the way of stop and frisk, although he or the next mayor will eventually have to.
I hope that more awareness -- and maybe a few publicized prosecutions -- will be enough to remind people not to do the wrong thing -- not to drive while texting or holding their phones.
As Curious City pointed out, any intersection is considered a crosswalk, but up until 2010, drivers were only required to
Pedestrian deaths are fairly prevalent in Brazil, which has a significantly higher road traffic mortality rate that Chile
As our lives become ever more entwined with technology, is it time to consider a law that would fine people for distracted walking?
A "Walk" sign doesn't mean walk. It means wait a couple seconds. Then look both ways. In fact, just keep looking as you cross, in a group if you can. Waving your hand high above your head is a good idea.
The Daily Caller's Amanda Carey is pretty sure that a tiny uptick in pedestrian deaths all stems from that time Michelle Obama urged children, "Let's Move!" as though she meant, "Let's move right in front of some moving cars!"
Pedestrian deaths are on the rise in Chicago, despite increased safety measures such as red-light cameras, countdown signals