pedestrian safety

The driver "was bawling his eyes out, saying he was sorry," a witness said.
Sure, it is hard to listen without going apoplectic as someone who supports the no-growth Neighborhood Integrity Initiative
Many law officials cite that distracted drivers and pedestrians who choose to text while walking have all contributed to
The transit agency in Des Moines, IA, has actually moved to eliminate left hand turns to the greatest extent possible. Seattle and Cleveland are trying out a "talking bus," alerting pedestrians in crosswalks when a bus is approaching. While transit is still a very safe mode of travel for those on board the bus, crosswalks are the industry's Achilles Heel, and blind spots are the reason why.
When someone's son or daughter is killed in Yorkville by a garbage truck, it will indeed not be an accident. It will be a predicted and preventable death.
At long last, a significant number of older urban centers in the country seem to be recognizing that it's a good idea to build infrastructure that accommodates pedestrians. The trajectory clearly manifests improvement with each passing year.
This is not an inevitable fact of modern life. These deaths are preventable, as shown by the dramatic decline of pedestrian
Sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, parks, and green areas are all pieces of a complex puzzle to help citizens navigate their city safely and sustainably.
"We wanted to test this hypothesis to see if pedestrian's race would influence driver's yielding decisions at crosswalks
A new report from the National Complete Streets Coalition, Dangerous By Design 2014, used a Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI
In 2010, 70,000 pedestrians were hurt and 4,280 killed in traffic accidents, the CDC reported. Those incidents resulted in
We all know that walking is the best form of transport in big cities: it's cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and
A number of high-profile pedestrian deaths has put pedestrian safety on the public's radar and on our new mayor's agenda.
The NYPD is under fire after an 84-year-old man was injured while being arrested by officers after being stopped for jaywalking
Fact is, the pedestrian pace in big cities is slow by virtue of the density of people, so unless there's a mass exodus or you're moving to farm country that won't change.
At around 10:00 p.m. on May 16, Dereck Audrey started crossing the street from the southeast corner of K Street and Connecticut