This summer, the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel released a series of recommendations aimed at accelerating progress against
"The only person who can truly understand what a kid with cancer is going through is another child with cancer."
There are many things that need to be said about this, because frankly, congenital heart disease does not get the awareness, funding, or research that it so desperately deserves.
An AIDS-free generation. Eliminating pediatric HIV infections and keeping mothers alive. Providing 120 million more women with more convenient choices of effective contraceptives to avoid unintended pregnancies.
And so, two day after Christmas, Riley showed up with a big red bag full of toys to hand out at MUSC Children's Hospital
Nobody should begrudge a drug manufacturer's profitability for developing a lifesaving drug. But in return, patients should demand that drug companies adhere to FDA rules and put people, not profits, first.
Children covered by Medicaid are far more likely to be prescribed antipsychotic drugs than children covered by private insurance, even if they have no psychotic symptoms.
"Dance Marathon places students at the forefront of social change, illustrating that this generation will not simply sit back and watch injustice unfold."