pediatric cancer

These brave children have inspiring and heartbreaking stories of fighting a deadly disease.
"I decided to go out and find all of the real superheroes, the kids who have been fighting very difficult battles."
Another pet peeve is cover letters that are not customized to the particular company the applicant is applying to. This one
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I used to have a tangible sense of a time "before cancer" vs. "after cancer." Immediately after her diagnosis, I was in a
In June of 2015, Abby Williams and her husband took their sweet 2-year-old son, Wyatt, to the pediatrician after a minor fall. Although their son wasn't eating or drinking as he normally does, the pediatrician wasn't too concerned. The Williams had no idea their lives would drastically change in 24 short hours.
I was 14 years old when I learned I had cancer, but the scariest feeling was before my diagnosis when I didn't know what
"It's just a huge, huge milestone, and you don't take it for granted."
When I walked into Sloan Kettering and got to the lounge, the yellow art piece "Whisper" by Stephen Burlingham reminded me
Don’t just ask, "Is there anything I can do?" Do something.
I am blessed with healthy children, but through my husband, the hospital clown, dozens of seriously ill children have left