One word: dentist. When you're at a holiday party engaging women in witty banter, the last thing you want is for them to be wondering -- disgusting tartar build-up, or deviled egg leftovers? Either way -- ewwwww.
The fingernails on Jamuna Gurung's hardy hands are just the right length: Short enough to do work, long enough to be stylish.
I'm a cancer survivor, and during chemotherapy, I lost every strand of hair on my head. When chemo starts, it's not as if every hair on your head falls out simultaneously.
It was on the eve of my Bollywood music video debut that I started to have thoughts about my feet, which was strange. I rarely think about them. In fact, I am guilty of neglect.
When you walk into a salon, look for tools soaking in that blue liquid disinfectant (a common brand is Barbicide). This effectively
I've tried to soften my callused feet by scrubbing them with homemade scrubs made out of olive oil and brown sugar, as those
Pedicures can be one of life's simple pleasures (who doesn't like a foot rub and pretty toesies?), but we have to admit that
Meanwhile, check out these safe nail polishes for moms-to-be. Have you ever had a bad experience at the nail salon? Tell
Emily Zhang's story begins in Tianjin, an enormous city in northern China. The house was always filled with music, and, early on, Emily decided that she wanted to scale the scales, too.
Troutman should have approached Volusia County churches and homeless shelters for such free foot clinics -- unless of course
When Katy Perry sings about California girls living "where the grass is really greener," I'm sure she must be referring to the fact that you can get a mani/pedi, facial, or blowout sitting under the Cali sun.
Fish pedicures -- in which doctor fish (otherwise known as Garra rufa), a type of toothless carp, suck dead skin off the