Pedro Almodovar

The 70-year-old director on "Pain and Glory," Antonio Banderas, Whoopi Goldberg, almost working with Madonna and the Trump impeachment inquiry.
This week we embrace the stereotype of the fast-talking, Spanish-speaking, over-dramatic woman, inspired by Pedro Almod贸var鈥檚
"All About Almod贸var" Retrospective at Cinefamily, January 6 - 22 Installation view of 3D recreation of Lichtenstein's Bedroom
A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. Each of us has to face the project from a personal place. I asked
Without the ability to come clean with the facts or truth, the only route for Antia to launch into adulthood, was to emotionally
The Spanish director said his version would've had "more sex."
"The past will show up for you to deal with," Suarez told me. "In this film, the past shows up for Julieta. When it does
The Mt. Rushmorification of social discourse is destroying any semblance of nuanced, sophisticated analysis. And I'm right there with it, doing what I can to continue the trend.
I interviewed Spanish actress Paz Vega in 2011 regarding her then-latest film, "Cat Run." An international sex symbol since the steamy drama "Sex and Lucia," Ms. Vega didn't disappoint with her appearance, although like most actors, she's far more petite in person that she appears on-screen.
When we first meet Frannie, the protagonist of writer-director Liz Tuccillo's debut feature, Take Care, she's fresh from the hospital, arm in a sling, leg in a brace, being wrangled from a cab by her sister and a friend.
The film opens with the ultra-loud rumble of a rolling blue suitcase and the accompanying clicking heels of a beautiful woman (played by the director's wife) approaching a counter in an airport to check in.
One of Espa帽a鈥檚 most famous filmmakers, Pedro Almod贸var, is saying the Spanish government wants to exterminate cinema in
A series of shorts that were screened at the recent Frameline 37 Film Festival revealed thrilling combinations of imagination and technique. Some were animated, some were not. What each film boasted, however, was an abundance of fantastical possibilities.
I was completely entranced, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown was unlike anything I had ever seen before. And hence began my long love affair with his films.
In Pedro Almodovar's iconic film All About My Mother, a transgender woman named La Agrado takes the stage and begins a monologue
The Los Angeles Film Fest is in full-swing this week, turning the little corner of L.A. Live around the Regal Cinemas into a mini-Sundance -- albeit without the snow.
I'm sitting at the keyboard in my briefs and t-shirt. I can see Fifth Avenue through my windows. I take advantage of this seclusion to interview myself.
El cineasta espa帽ol Pedro Almod贸var fue uno de los grandes amigos de Chavela Vargas, quien la hizo surgir de sus cenizas