pedro pascal

“I’m gonna have a panic attack and I’m gonna leave."
“I kind of expanded the story and turned it into something closer to my life,” Andrew Haigh said of the film, which stars Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott.
The actors were participating in a SAG Awards Zoom panel when Pascal busted out a “psychotic example” of how he memorizes a script.
The “Last of Us” star had some unexpected choice words at the 75th Emmy awards.
The "Succession" star's speech got off to a chaotic start and just kept going.
The “Last of Us” star also shared a hilarious message written on his nails at the ceremony.
The hit show became the first live-action video game adaptation to score major awards consideration.
Craig Mazin is spilling the tea on who fans almost saw appear in the popular post-apocalyptic series.
Pascal said his parents helped a gunshot victim during dictator Augusto Pinochet's reign and had to flee Chile.
"I don’t know whether he’s still loving it," the "Last of Us" actor said of their co-star, who has become widely fetishized by fans in recent months.