pedro pierluisi

Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez will take up the post after weeks of turmoil.
Now, if he survives a Senate confirmation vote, Pedro Pierluisi will oversee the effort to privatize the island’s public power company.
"We live at your whim, subject to your impulses, which are bound by virtually no legal rules or moral standards."
When the Puerto Rico debt crisis burst into the news, Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro García Padilla pronounced that the Commonwealth's debt crisis "is not about politics." Of course, to paraphrase H.L. Menken, when a politician says something is not about politics, chances are it's all about politics.
Could marijuana legalization save the Puerto Rican economy? Right now, marijuana possession in Puerto Rico is a serious crime and first-time offenders are slapped with a felony, two to five years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine. But with legalized pot, Puerto Rico can use the tax revenues and fees it collects to help pay off the debt.
It's unlikely, though, that the House will vote to grant Puerto Rico the ability to file bankruptcy. Many Republicans are
Puerto Rico's economy has been contracting since 2006 and the commonwealth's government has been borrowing to pay bills. Its
While some statehood supporters tried to argue that the blank ballots should be discarded from the final tally, their case
Roughly 60 years ago, 91 soldiers from Puerto Rico's 65th Infantry Regiment, known as the Borinqueneers, were court-martialed and sentenced for desertion and disobedience during the Korean War. The 65th Infantry Regiment was the last segregated unit in the U.S. Army.