The master Leon Keer is pictured here with his wife assisting. Martha says that these figures are "Painting of robots arriving
The "Art Silos" project includes works completed during an eight-month installation begun in June 2015 as part of Festival
Jennifer Lawrence has another supporter for her stance on the wage gap.
Last week, we got the final trailer for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1," and now thanks to a brand new clip we have
Kobra. No Limit Borås, Sweden. September 2014. (photo © Anders Kihl) Ekta. No Limit Borås, Sweden. September 2014. (photo
If Katniss has to "choose" Peeta or Gale, she will have to give up doing gender in this splendid, and, dare I say, feminist and queer way in order to "fit" into her and her "girlfriend's" or "boyfriend's" relationship. Now imagine a world in which Katniss wouldn't have to choose.
The movie The Hunger Games has inspired a number of mash-ups that mix the film with a certain children's game. It's time the meme was extended to the original novel.