The legendary soccer player elected to have the surgery, and is recovering
We can never replace Jay Emmett. His devotion to the Special Olympics movement was as big as anyone's in our history.
The strength in these feminist empowerment projects is clear to fans who use them to navigate their own lives, but I want to highlight the message for other artists: use creativity to carve your identity and empower others.
Pele has high hopes for American soccer. Like many of the rest of us, he forecast African success in the World Cup last century. Perhaps wary of that, he expresses his hopes rather than his predictions for U.S. soccer.
Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Messi, who plays for Barcelona, are set to face off in Sunday’s El Clásico. Barcelona, which is
We can't help but feel we're watching the last vestiges of the two big European colonization waves from the early 15th to early 20th centuries.
As we are glued to our widescreen HDTV's, watching every move by today's "fútbol" stars like Ronaldo and Messi, Pelé reminds us that they each have ten other players on "the pitch" and many more on the bench, sharing with our joy in each glorious goal.
This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Describe the pressures facing Brazil, as the host, to win the World
Unlike years past, however, this Brazil side lacks a gamut of stars that have made their mark in European competition in the vein of Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho or Kaka.