pelican bay hunger strike

The problem of long-term solitary confinement is far from fixed -- the cells that have been emptied as men are returned to general population have been filled by others newly transferred into the SHU. The prisoners need our support to finish the job.
I was deeply moved by your efforts to educate prisoners on their rights at the federal prison in North Carolina where you were held before being transferred to Montgomery, Ala. And I wasn't surprised to see those efforts it landed you in solitary confinement.
It took over 60 years for the Japanese Government to at last acknowledge their "inhuman treatment" and apologize. How many must die before we do the same?
Governor Jerry Brown's complete silence on prisoners' demands has caused serious debate and controversy as the globe turns to California to address cruel and unusual punishment and the security housing unit (SHU) in the industrial prison complex.
Today, we must poignantly modify Eugene Debs' refrain, "while there is a soul in prison who would sooner take his life than cave to the harrowing oppression of a predatory system, I am a participating in that system with my silence and with my next meal eaten as a free man."
Today marks the first day of the 4th week of the California Prison Hunger Strike. On July 8 when the prisoners began their hunger strike to call attention to this torture, 30,000 inmates across California stopped eating.
What the hunger strike highlights -- missed by most of the public -- is the deeply troubling nature of extreme isolation in U.S. penology.
Strickman said that the pilot program does not address the principle demands of the strike. Striker demands include an end
30,000 California state prison inmates have refused meals in solidarity with inmates held indefinitely in isolation because of jail gang ties. The state hasn't officially consider it a hunger strike yet, but we'll discuss what's behind the protest.
The protest is organized by a small group of inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison near the Oregon border. The priority on
On any given day in the United States, 80,000 prisoners are held in some form of isolation or solitary confinement. Many prisoners and human rights activists consider this a form of psychological torture -- torture, in our own prisons, in our own country.
One of the major complaints of prisoner human rights activists is the abuse of solitary confinement in prisons across the U.S.
Lawyers representing the striking inmates demanded a meeting with California Governor Jerry Brown after the state Department
The memo warned that inmates "identified as leading the disturbance will be subject to removal from general population and
By Michael Montgomery "Formal and informal sources say they're going to start the strike again," said Dorsey Nunn, executive
Estimates about the number of striking prisoners vary. The LA Times places the number of protesters at about 400, while the
On the first day of this month, inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison, joined by inmates in other prisons around the state, began a hunger strike to protest "inhumane and torturous conditions" in the Security Housing Unit.
There have been a solidarity protests around the country but this is not enough. The prisoners have decided the better to