Nothing beats driving through Greece's southern region of the Peloponnese on a beautiful summer day. Your eyes are fixed on the endless waves of olive trees that have blessed this land for centuries.
Driving around this land so steeped in conflict and bloody vendettas, it occurred to me that there are a lot of towers on the Mani Peninsula. While everyone gets excited about the towers of San Gimignano because they are so unique, here on the Mani, towns with such skylines are common.
Any love affair with Greece is made sticky in part by honey. All over the countryside we found groups of beehives as beekeepers shuttled them from wildflower patch to wildflower patch in search of the sweetest action.
The unique natural environment allows visitors to hike among the pine and cypress trees, or swim in the turquoise waters.
In each bite I can taste the olive grove and its bright sun-kissed fruit.