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At a charity event, the "Baby" singer's manager put a longtime conspiracy theory to rest. Or did he?
Q: How does Pencils of Promise pick the students that attend its schools? A: Our first school was in Laos, and we selected
Pencils of Promise (PoP) is a passionate for-purpose organization that delivers quality education to impoverished children. They've built over 300 schools and impacted over 340,000 lives all while pioneering the for-purpose driven organization.
Adam Braun is a New York Times bestselling author and the Founder of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning organization that has broken ground on more than 200 schools around the world.
Feeling helpless and struggling to reconcile the urge to help them all, he asked one child on the side of the road what he wanted most in the world. The boy answered, "A pencil."
Startup companies are traditionally for-profit enterprises, but in recent years philanthropic ventures have begun adopting
What if the answers we're looking for to better educate kids in U.S. schools actually exist within the best methods being deployed for those at the absolute base of the pyramid -- the underserved children living in bamboo and mud huts across the developing world?
I witnessed something authentically beautiful in Guatemala with Justin Bieber.
The pop star, who has long been a supporter of the organization, was helicoptered in and immediately stripped off his shirt
The voices of the people are what has always forced leaders to change course. This will be demonstrated when we call upon the president of Pakistan to create a cohesive plan to bring millions into school. The journey does not end there, but it is a meaningful step towards progress.
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Products raising money for a cause is nothing new. Whether it's the plethora of pink items supporting breast cancer or a Livestrong bracelet, we're used to giving money and being rewarded with a promo item.
Made with Pencils is grounded in the creativity of a few, propelled by the financial support of many, and most importantly, it's empowering generations to come.
One idea that development agencies tend to rely on is that there is this thing out there called a community, where people behave in a "communal" way of sharing and organizing, implicit within their societal structure.
Along with the Tuesday release of his holiday album, "Under The Mistletoe," Justin Bieber launched a charity campaign to
That mix of nervous anticipation and unbridled excitement reminded me of freshman orientation, but for the hundreds of students aboard the MV Explorer this semester, they are experiencing a cultural baptism by sea.