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One phrase couldn't be translated on TV. But HuffPost is here to help!
Menashe screens in the Forum section and has secured US distribution through A24. Taxis in Berlin always turn out to be a
What Pedro's really after is the mystery of why we abandon the people we love. It could be your mother, lover, someone else
On November 30, Ben Stiller turns 50.He fell in love with performing when he was just a kid.
I interviewed Spanish actress Paz Vega in 2011 regarding her then-latest film, "Cat Run." An international sex symbol since the steamy drama "Sex and Lucia," Ms. Vega didn't disappoint with her appearance, although like most actors, she's far more petite in person that she appears on-screen.
New 20-year-old Aussie tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios has come perilously close to being defaulted for language and/or racquet and ball abuse at the US Open, the Australian Open, where John McEnroe was famously defaulted in 1990, and the Estoril Open in Portugal.
“Zoolander 2” is expected to arrive in theaters on Feb. 12, 2016. The Spanish actress made her debut on the set of the much
Theroux was originally tapped to direct the sequel -- which Wilson at one point said had a working title of "Twolander" -- but
Ari Phillips at Climate Progress. Three major companies - Cisco Systems, 3M, and Kimberly Clark - announced they will now give employees a deeply discounted way of buying or leasing solar panels for their homes. Sunny news, indeed!
Celebrities have a huge role to play in drawing attention to the cause; but people need to pay attention to their own actions after they come to understand the situation in Palestine.
The smiles are the same, and so are the values, the ambitions, the dedication to our families and to our friendships, as are our idiosyncrasies that we still love each other for.
Cruz was also nominated two other times. Cruz, 40, spoke to the magazine but said little about her personal life with actor
There is no ethnicity to suffering. The more we delay this understanding, the more we delay peacemaking and democratic state building. No one wins.
Your passion for defending Israel is clearly as great as your passion for acting. However, behind your passion is a view of Israel's history and current actions that are utterly at odds with the actual history and present-day realities in the country. They are simply dead-wrong.
It's time for governments, cancer organizations, and the cancer industry to devote their resources primarily to immunotherapy and give it urgent priority.