Symptoms occur 3-10 days after exposure; however, they can be delayed up to several weeks. Symptoms include chills/fever
Now back to his greatest discovery, when he noticed a clearing of bacteria on a petri dish where a mold was growing. He identified
3. We judge mistakes... even make fun of ourselves and others. A better tactic is to look beyond the error and learn from
The more courses of antibiotics a child had, the higher their risk for developing asthma and becoming overweight.
The discovery of antibiotics is celebrated for the profound impact they have had on modern medicine and is a reminder of the role luck plays in science. There is no argument that antibiotics have saved millions of lives over the past 87 years, but there is a downside, too.
Antibiotic overuse merely scratches the surface of the problems posed by factory farms today. Animals are reared in large, windowless warehouses in conditions of extremely close confinement. A broad focus on improvements in animal welfare is urgent and essential. It would result in less antibiotics being needed in the first place.
In Uganda, sore throats -- strep, actually -- are so common that kids don't complain about it and aren't treated for it. This can create problems in their heart valves. And for some children, each round of strep causes more problems to those valves.
While a factor can't claim exclusive credit for pushing us into the era of casual sex, penicillin's virtual collapse of the
"I had to learn everything: from registering as a non-profit, to creating a logo and a brand, and creating a website from
Antonio Villaraigosa became the first public official of a major U.S. city to officially announce that the quake's massive tectonic shifts have in fact trimmed his workday.