penis art

These portraits are nutty, ballsy and helping to raise money for the Testicular Cancer Foundation.
Earlier this month, an unsuspecting team of archeologists working on an island in the Aegean Sea happened across “tantalizingly
The "Penis Wall", as it's appropriately titled, consists of a grid of wagging and waving members that frolic to the tune
Whether its a garden devoted to handmade likenesses, or simply nature accidentally recreating phallic imagery, sometimes it seems like there are penises everywhere. Take a look at some of the more phallic places across the world.
Other works include a Soviet-style poster reading: "The Kleptocrats" and "We demand Chivas, BMW's and Bribes". "I can see
“Why are we spending $50,000 on an embarrassing penis?” This is the question Dunedin, New Zealand city council member Lee