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Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn come together in bloody matrimony for the forthcoming installment of Netflix's thriller series, due out Oct. 15.
Joe Goldberg is a reluctant new parent who hasn't lost his killer instinct in the forthcoming season of Netflix's thriller series, due out Oct. 15.
The actor talked about the systemic problems women face in the film industry, adding that he believes women and is "very troubled" by D'Elia's alleged activity.
The actor, who plays sociopathic killer Joe Goldberg on the Netflix series, reads your theories and, yes, laughs at all the memes.
Joe Goldberg has a new home, name and love interest. But he still can't hide from his serial killer past.
We’ve been fed a line that serial killers are evil geniuses whose misdeeds warrant a near-obsessive degree of analysis. The reality is far simpler.
The Lifetime show-turned-Netflix binge is a smart, addictive melodrama full of terrible men.
Also, he's pretty sure that Gossip Girl was a sociopath.
This “Gossip Girl” star has gone in a new direction.
The musician said that the transition from acting to music was "natural."
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Cool vibes, cool venue, down-to-earth guys -- that's how I could describe the night when I met with the band called, MOTHXR. I wish I could meet with some more bands who are like them.
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I have an especially bone-chilling list on Twitter that I drunkenly dubbed "Nightlife Hellhole." Usually I avoid it at all costs, for "Nightlife Hellhole" is just what it sounds like - a dingy inferno of delusion, dashed dreams, desperation and despair
Sprinkling his talk with the "F" word, Kevin Spacey recounted the wellworn story of how his idol Jack Lemmon encouraged him