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The actor said that when he was younger, he "would do anything" to be famous.
Taylor Momsen spoke to her old co-star Penn Badgley about the film's effects on her childhood social life.
The British actor got candid about her decision on “Podcrushed” hosted by Netflix star Penn Badgley.
Penn Badgley, who stars in the psychological thriller, had previously hinted that the show could be coming to an end.
The Netflix star is dishing about what could be next for Joe Goldberg in a potential fifth season.
"We are actors, this is our job," said the "Somebody I Used to Know" star.
The “You” star said he felt a “dark undercurrent” during his otherwise “fun and fast-paced” time shooting “Gossip Girl.”
"It was one of the reasons that I initially wanted to turn the role down," the "You" star told Variety.
The actor bit the hand that streams him in criticizing Netflix.
The psychological thriller released the first part of its fourth season this week.