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It should never be a woman's burden to avoid being seen as slutty. It's everyone else's responsibility to not call a woman a slut, since the idea that boys will be boys and girls will be sluts is a product of a sexist sexual double standard, and to believe her when she says she's been sexually assaulted.
Danny Shaha, senior director of the Penn State Office of Student Conduct, right, and Matt Wilson, State College, Pennsylvania
Penn State is still recovering from a child sex scandal in which a former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, was convicted
KDR's national office said in March that it would expel misbehaving members, implement new education programs and join a
Why have we turned and looked the other way after studies reveal that sexual assault is a common occurrence among many fraternities (2, 3, 4)? Are we really just fine with chalking it all up to "boys will be boys?"
The news that the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State had allegedly run secret Facebook pages where they posted images of nude, unconscious women should have come as a surprise. But given the numerous incidents of fraternity misconduct in recent months, it didn't.
Kappa Delta Rho members allegedly operated a private Facebook page titled "2.0" for nearly a year, police said. Prior to