Penn State Scandal

How much of your soul would you be willing to sell for a championship?
The late coach was fired in 2011 amid a child abuse scandal involving a Penn State assistant.
Lady Gaga and Vice President Joe Biden, you gave me hope at the Oscars. Thank you. When I turned off the television, I felt real hope that we really can reduce sexual assault and violence on campuses and in our communities.
A legal victory as the case connected to the Sandusky scandal continues nearly four years later.
The former Penn State coach's payments stopped after his child sex abuse sentencing.
Perhaps our 50 state legislatures should look to South Africa's lead and re-examine their state statutes of limitations on rape and sexual assault.
This was the part of the Sandusky scandal that was so incredibly upsetting to me and most people. The way in which Penn State handled it, and especially Joe Paterno, was absolutely unacceptable. I love football too. I believe he was a great coach. But he did not do the right thing.