Penn State Scandal

How much of your soul would you be willing to sell for a championship?
The late coach was fired in 2011 amid a child abuse scandal involving a Penn State assistant.
Lady Gaga and Vice President Joe Biden, you gave me hope at the Oscars. Thank you. When I turned off the television, I felt real hope that we really can reduce sexual assault and violence on campuses and in our communities.
A legal victory as the case connected to the Sandusky scandal continues nearly four years later.
The former Penn State coach's payments stopped after his child sex abuse sentencing.
Perhaps our 50 state legislatures should look to South Africa's lead and re-examine their state statutes of limitations on rape and sexual assault.
This was the part of the Sandusky scandal that was so incredibly upsetting to me and most people. The way in which Penn State handled it, and especially Joe Paterno, was absolutely unacceptable. I love football too. I believe he was a great coach. But he did not do the right thing.
Hice made the comments during an interview on the radio show “Trunews,” according to Right Wing Watch. "Most people think
"Isn't that the goal of any great university? To seek the truth wherever it leads? We have said from day one: two years ago
It's true. State College, Pa., known as "Happy Valley" and home to more than 45,000 students of the Pennsylvania State University and additional surrounding Centre County residents, is actually a very happy place.
But Spanier finally spoke, as the legal drama continues, to The New York Times magazine in a new piece posted online Wednesday
By David DeKok Al Lindsay, who leads the Pittsburgh area firm of Lindsay Law Firm, said he plans to file the appeal in the
CLICK HERE to read full ESPN profile Mike McQueary, the former Penn State quarterback and assistant football coach who was
Bacon talks about honor when he talks about how college players in the Big Ten should represent their teams, with a focus on academics and emerging as real student-athletes.
It is a teaching moment that school officials covering up Steubenville rapes were indicted on the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women. It is infuriating that in the year 2013 we still have to teach the teachers that rape is rape. But it must be done.
July 18 (Reuters) - Pennsylvania State University's trustees have authorized the payment of about $60 million to settle claims
Ed Pressman is putting together what looks to be a very interesting and controversial feature film about Joe Paterno. Brian De Palma is set to direct and Al Pacino will play the legendary yet ultimately disgraced coach.