A Texas man paid for his speeding ticket with 22,000 pennies, in protest of what he labeled "extortion," for a speeding ticket received while driving 39 mph in a 30 mph zone.
Fulfilling any meaningful financial goal means saving a lot of pennies, true, but it really can be easier than you think. One of the first tips I give my clients is to look for ways to save money that don't actually require you to cut back.
Cancer has been a specter in my family. My grandmother, Granny Lu, a strong, petite woman, the daughter of AC Gilbert, an inventor and Olympic gold medal-winner and owner of The Toy Barn, a former toy store in Hamden, Connecticut, was diagnosed with cancer when I was a teenager.
"The penny is a nuisance we can actually do something about."
One Louisiana man just proved that a penny saved is truly a penny earned.
Quarters and dimes would have been OK.
If you're one to toss your pennies in the change plate at your local coffee shop or overlook a one-center on the ground, you should take a gander at these cool projects. All of them take just a few pennies to make... with epic end results.
While the one-cent, once-copper coin doesn't have the purchasing power it used to, Americans still have a hard time letting
Green talks hating pennies, loving the world and everything in between. Please, please excuse the continual screwing up of the title of "The Two Gentlemen of Verona."
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama said Thursday that it might be time to stop making pennies, calling them obsolete and
Just one question: could you spare some change? When Mel Angst and her husband, John, decided that their new tattoo shop
West has 30 days to decide whether to ask for a new trial, the Deseret News wrote. According to testimony reported by KSL
"It's important to separate the idea of something being used, and something being useful," said Jeff Gore, the founder of