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The local elections could have a big national impact.
Sims, a Philadelphia-area lawyer, is expected to be announced the victor over longtime state Rep. Babette Josephs once incomplete
The biggest problem for Democrats in November will be getting their supporters out to the polls. Clinton's gas might be able to move the needle on Election Day.
And yet, in a hypothetical general election matchup all three would defeat the Republican who seems poised to get the nomination
HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Sen. Arlen Specter, who left the Republican Party exactly a year ago to become a Democrat, recently signaled
And what if it was this year? "[Sestak] doesn't want to be marginalized," Rendell reasoned. "He doesn't want to get 15 or
"And we will continue to do so," reads the memo, "until Sen. Specter supports the principles of the Employee Free Choice
Sources in Pennsylvania and Washington say Specter's party switch was aided by two major factors: his precarious electoral
Federal agents on Thursday raided the offices of a Pennsylvania government contractor with close ties to Rep. John P. Murtha
The recent defection of conservative thinkers from the McCain/Palin vision for the country only serves to reinforce the radical nature of the current Republican Party.