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The Electoral College system can be improved. The first improvement needed is to make every voter count. The second is for every voter to count equally. And the third is to elect a president who is supported by a majority of the voters. This is not a partisan issue.
Just as I must accept each student that qualifies to be in my classes, Ms. Valentine-Thomas must accept each citizen that
Wagner did not immediately respond to a Huffington Post request for comment. But in a statement on his website, Wagner defended
"If it's a Montana solution, I'm willing to look at it," she said. "Ironically, the Republican legislature is going to be
As a recently released 2014 report card on women's health confirmed, Pennsylvania's failing when it comes to meeting women's health needs, especially for women of color.
It had all the trappings of an ALEC-backed attack on democracy: Push out a bill prohibiting local governments from passing workplace protections in their own communities. If all else failed, tack the measure onto some popular bill as an amendment and hope the supporters of that bill would want it badly enough to allow the hostile amendment to stand.
Current and recovering cancer patients are protected against job discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act
The incident has a precedent: a staffer for former Sen. James Webb (D-Va.) was arrested for trying to bring a loaded weapon
State Sen. Daylin Leach, former Rep. Marjorie Margolies and physician Val Arkoosh also contested the race to succeed Rep
Boyle has faced criticism of his record on reproductive rights issues from all sides -- both Margolies and another opponent