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A father married his adopted son, but it’s not quite what you think.
The movement to stop the spread of marriage equality has been faltering, with one court after another striking down state
As Pennsylvania's gay marriage ban fell in court on Tuesday, the judge behind the ruling has a history of support from a
In all, 18 states give legal status to gay marriage. If Jones' decision stands, Pennsylvania would become the 19th and legalize
In addition to overwhelming support for medical marijuana use, Pennsylvania voters also backed a law that would allow same
At least 36 states have "mini-DOMA" statutes, and challenges have come up in nearly all of them, according to Freedom to
A Pennsylvania pastor charged under United Methodist law with officiating his son's same-sex marriage is scheduled to go on trial.
The Rev. Frank Schaefer could be defrocked if a jury comprised of fellow Methodist clergy convicts him of breaking his pastoral
Smeltzer married Pike County couple Joseph Davis and Gregory Scalzo on Aug. 19 at the home of State College Mayor Elizabeth
Those numbers form the backdrop for one of Corbett's recent woes: Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage is currently being