Pennsylvania Station

Just in time for the Thanksgiving-eve getaway, all service into and out of Pennsylvania Station – including Amtrak, New Jersey
By David W. Dunlap The architects Peter Samton and Diana Goldstein can tell you exactly where they were a half century ago
The station, finished in 1910, had a giant waiting room with 150-foot tall ceilings, 80 Doric columns, and 16-ton decorative
No one less well connected than the Vornado Realty Trust (owner of numerous major properties, including Bloomberg Tower) could play the system with such success and gain an unprecedented blank check.
Perhaps someone who reads this will help me do the math on the environmental effects of pointless destruction. What are the effects on global warming of a policy of unthinking destruction?
With the Cablevision purchase of Newsday, it's one less newspaper to harp on all the mistakes Jim Dolan has made in running the New York market's beloved franchises.