penny arcade

"I'm always striving to get people together that you wouldn't typically see in the same room."
In a city that is constantly mourning its cultural and lifestyle losses, The Theatre For a New City has achieved what even the veritable NYC Opera has not.
This endlessly-copied artist knows no bounds of time or space. Colette was born in North Africa to mixed ancestry, raised in France and has been characterized by social gadfly Anthony Haden-Guest as "a gauze-draped pillar of the New York art world."
What do you see within the future of New York nightlife? For me, nightlife is not a part of a lifestyle element that you
I caught up with Parker to speak about a number of remarks made against her and to correct some inaccuracies that have been published.
Williams' non-commercial plays seem free and experimental. A number have been produced in recent years, as in last spring's
The contemporary art world is like a Titanic that will never sink -- like the corporate world that is "too big to fail."
Earl Dax, the socially minded Albuquerque born producer, recently re-staged his outrageous production of Weimar-New York for a special two night run at the Henry Street Settlement's classy Abrons Theater.
Penny Arcade -- performance artist, playwright, and one-time citizen of the world of Andy Warhol and his Factory -- has collected three of her foundational performance pieces for the first time.
Able to embody a stunning spectrum of selves, Candy was an encyclopedia of female archetypes. As a result, her every word and gesture were a tribute to the ladies in whose image she had built herself.
Nixon has found a new running mate. Former "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon will co-star in the British sequel to "The