These seniors are proving that age is no barrier to ruling the runway!
A lot of people are thinking life is not worth living in Italy. Not a day goes by without the news that once again a man
The World is proving incapable of addressing its greatest challenges. An ageing population is no longer limited to developed nations. Many developing countries particularly in the Balkans are facing the pressure of ageing.
Elderly Greeks wait to enter an Athens bank. (Milos Bicanski/Getty Images) Elderly Greeks are particularly vulnerable to
Pensioners, Wall Street and art lovers. That's a coalition that could get Washington and state capitals to honestly and openly confront looming municipal bankruptcies.
Like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Red is a movie that only makes sense in a world undergoing the most dramatic demographic transformation in human history.
Pensioners battered a financial adviser with Zimmer frames before kidnapping and torturing him for losing 2million of their