People of Color

Surprise, surprise. None of the winners of the major categories at the Emmy Awards were people of color or queer.
Marginalized communities are affected by loss in unique and painful ways. Here's how, plus some resources for coping.
The yearslong #OscarsSoWhite campaign is paying off. The academy is finally recognizing the talent of women and stars of color in Hollywood.
"As a health care professional, I have seen firsthand how BIPOC receive lesser care."
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plans on blocking an upcoming stimulus package if it doesn’t include several progressive plans, including relief for renters, aid for undocumented immigrants, more aid for states and cities, and more.
The president's State of the Union speech exploited guests as political props and showed how he'll sell his reelection.
HuffPost and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health hosted a discussion on how universities can better support students of color.
Women and candidates of color talked about their experiences and how they've been affected by a Washington dominated by people who don't look like them.
"When men and boys die too soon ... we all pay a heavy, heavy price," Dr. Wizdom Powell, author of a new report on health disparities in men of color, told HuffPost.
HuffPost spoke to four people of color to find out why they feel left out by the Me Too movement.
Today - as much as any other day -- is a great time to commence that reflective inquiry and to introspect upon how to be a better ally in the battles that still remain to be fought.
No doubt, things will get worse before they get better. As a woman who is black and Latina, I am reeling at how the country
This is not 1916, and allies of my people are legion. We are combining with indigenous Americans, LGBTQ persons, and people in other countries to say that the days of white Christian supremacy are fading.
In the next few days we are headed home for the holidays, something often traumatic in itself. We may get misgendered or be subject to countless other forms of discrimination; now we must spend time with family members who have voted against us and we feel that much more emotionally vulnerable.
I can teach my students to think critically, question, participate, care, and create a better world. I can share inspiration and truth that will cut through rhetoric and deception. Words have good and bad ways.
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The local businesses that sign on also reap enormous benefits. Hack the Hood typically works with mom-and-pop shops whose
Newly released data on health insurance coverage from the U.S. Census Bureau shows a continued significant decline in the
Even as we're all hypnotized by the presidential race, and the candidates' rhetorical responses to these incidents, we have to recognize that these issues, that impact us directly, that move us to tears and to march in our streets -- are almost exclusively controlled by state and local leaders. Not our president.