people's liberation army

With a supposed dealmaker as president, Washington should make an offer to Beijing.
The Trump administration’s most avid proponent of war against China, Steve Bannon, has departed the White House. At least
Trump firmly believes (it is difficult to complete a sentence that starts with these words) in the value of bluffing. He
The plane was carrying out a routine mission over the South China Sea, according to an Air Force official.
It was the second time a Chinese plane flew over the South China Sea in 2017.
[The PLA generals do close-order drill. Most of them are elderly, yet the average age is lowering due to the recent rise
Beijing is no longer happy simply playing a low-key support role to peacekeeping operations on the continent.
There is every likelihood that the United States will conclude that it cannot do the second. That is, it cannot protect Taiwan
China is steadily expanding its military footprint in Africa, highlighted by the recent deployment of 700 combat-ready troops to join a multinational peacekeeping operation in South Sudan. In all, the People's Liberation Army and Navy now have an estimated 2,700 soldiers, sailors, engineers and medical staff stationed across the continent.