pepper spray

Police say some "milkshakes" hurled in skirmishes included quick-drying cement.
Police arrested three people at the protests on the Chapel Hill campus Thursday night.
St. Louis cops "exercised their discretion in an arbitrary and retaliatory fashion to punish protesters for voicing criticism of police," the judge ruled.
"The culture of law enforcement needs to change.”
Kamran Loghman, the creator of weapons-grade pepper spray, discusses how pepper spray should and should not be used.
"You let that badge go to your head," a bystander told an officer.
Just as the conscience of America was jolted awake by the shocking images of peaceful civil rights defenders being violently set upon in the '60s, so is it being aroused today by the horrifying sight of peaceful native rights defenders being brutalized.
The department calls a ruling to create stricter guidelines "heavy-handed intrusion."
- Kuro This last weekend saw the establishment of our latest distribution network in South East Asia, as we expand our efforts
Lonnie Wright grew up in East Oakland. Over the years, he earned the nickname "Little Two Three" because he lived on 23rd Avenue, near Garfield Elementary School. Now 22-years-old, Wright says the environment he grew up in was tough.
The incident, which happened during SXSW, is under investigation.