pepperdine university

Cooking for loved ones is helpful, but cooking together as a group can be extraordinarily healing.
"You have earned all of the celebration," the "Terminator" star said with a photo of them together.
“We haven’t heard back from everyone,” the editor of Pepperdine University's Pepperdine Graphic said of her friends.
The school says it no longer wants to be exempt from Title IX.
"We had a principal who didn't believe our kids could learn," said math teacher Sharon Pollock about the previous principal
Change starts from within. Women need the confidence to lead and the opportunity to be considered for positions of power.
We all have valuable contributions and in order for others to respect us we need to respect ourselves and value our own thoughts and time.
On December 15, U.S. Federal Judge Dean Pregerson ruled that the line between gender and sexual orientation discrimination "does not exist." The ruling, addressing discrimination against a pair of lesbian basketball players at Pepperdine University, has the potential to put sexual orientation under the umbrella of established civil rights laws.
Doesn't it? See that shirt hanging in the middle of the line, with orange lettering? That's a Pepperdine University t-shirt
Imagine being a teacher and walking into the chemistry lab only to see the room engulfed with the sight of black smoke and the smell of burnt oil due to a chemistry reaction gone wrong.