Apparently, it’s all about the meat.
It's a wild story that involves a suitcase full of pepperoni, large incontinent birds and a heartfelt apology.
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One of our favorite places to lurk for news stories and generally get our relaxation on is our local barbershop -- and we now have them to thank for this PIZZA SOUP idea.
We all know that Hot Pockets were God's answer to the burning question, "How can I make my pizza more fun to eat?" Unfortunately, the devil got a piece of the action as well. He never fails to scald the insides of our mouths as we take that first bite of lukewarm bread only to reach the fiery cheese and sauce within.
From Philadelphia to Atlanta to Seattle, there are some excellent pepperoni pies being served across the nation.
Why would anyone think to put pineapples on pizza? This is not a pizza topping, it's a cry for help.
We're just glad hot dogs didn't make the cut.
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This sausage makes everything better!