Perdue Farms

"We are an odd pairing and perfect equity partners."
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Sonny Perdue wrote in 2014 that "ridiculous" climate warnings have become a "running joke."
He was a warm man, but I did not really know him. Now, thanks to his widow, Mitzi Perdue, and her new book Tough Man, Tender Chicken, I know him much better -- and like him a lot.
Most of the rest of the world recognizes that adding a known poison to something you are going to eat is not a great idea. For example arsenic is prohibited from being added to any animal feed in Europe.
There's a storm brewing in Kentucky among coal companies and state government.
Would you consider animals to be "humanely raised" if they were forced to spend their lives suffering from chronic leg problems and crippling lameness only to be later dipped into an electrified vat of water?
Chesapeake Bay is almost dead. And for that we have, in part, Perdue to thank.
Contrary to the Rose Acre's cheerful claims, our investigator found birds with broken bones and untreated, prolapsed uteruses; mummified corpses in cages with live hens; and abandoned hens who had fallen into manure pits.