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“They said I had a huge jaw. They said I had a 'potato head.’" Now, after years of being bullied online, she spreads positivity with a little help from her star parents.
Dance class, it seems, is very much out of the question.
Gay men, too, are occasionally the beneficiaries of male privilege, and that privilege must be deconstructed.
"There’s room for us to occasionally show up in public like normal people do."
If you are interested in finding out more about Maggie Szabo, you can follow her social channels by visting her twitter and
The UK's The Telegraph was shocked that Prince Phillip would possibly leave his home with a hearing aid in October 2014: "Hear
The message of winning humbly is lost on many of us. Even more, the idea of resilience in the face of numerous defeat. If anyone understands how to transcend the agony of losing, it is you, the breadwinner of your family since you were 11 years old.
After reading this book, I discovered that Michelle is not only all of the things you would assume of her, but so much more. She is a fighter, and really an inspiration that keeps me dreaming big. This diva has so many exciting things going on in her life, I had to ask her, "15 Questions."
Perez Hilton is no stranger to controversy and has managed to stay in the headlines for the past 10 years! He has proved he has staying power, but something you may not know about him is his love for music. He has a new compilation album coming out soon, so I decided to ask him, "15 Questions."
Tobly McSmith talks about his new "Full House" musical parody.
Sorry Bob Saget, but Perez Hilton is taking over as Danny Tanner. Saget may be reprising his "Full House" character in Netflix's
"It's been the hardest secret I've kept in a long time," Hilton, who is single, said at the time. Congrats to the happy family
"I think we're giving Bruce Jenner -- Caitlyn -- whatever you want to call her, too much attention," Wright said, adding