While these activities can be beneficial for your energy and mood, they may cause anxiety if you're not careful.
A study found those with this trait tend to live longer lives than others.
In a world of professional players and perfect wives, there can be no bad days.
I approached raising my infant as I did everything life -- as an overachiever trying to “win” at motherhood. The problem? The game is rigged.
And how to maintain sanity in pursuit of your goals.
When my perfectionism was at it’s worst, I couldn’t make a decision about anything.
I'm afraid that I haven't always been awake and noticing, and that somehow I have slept through the magic of your growing. I wonder, have I enjoyed you enough? Have I given you what you needed? Is your heart still whole? Is your spirit unbroken?
As women, we are told that we have to be perfect, but perfection is not human.  See what happens if you cut yourself a break in even one of these areas over the upcoming weeks or months.  You will be modeling a better, happier, and more confident parent for your children, and showing them that self-compassion is essential and achievable.