We all have, at the least, a little Perfection Monster lurking within. I also think it's safe to visualize said monster with red pointy ears and tail, and pitchfork in hand.
The Missouri legislature is currently considering the enactment of legislation that would define frozen embryos as human life.
Well, that used to be me too. I would get all the junk out of the house thinking it was the best thing to do. You probably
It's not selfishness to be able to appreciate how much your needs matter, how worthy of love and care you are. It's a gift.
Here's the thing: No one's life looks like the images on Pinterest boards and thank goodness. As a mom and physician who spends time with real moms all day long, I can confidently state that reality is much better than Pinterest.
From one perfectionist to another: Calm down and enjoy.
I think we all mistook you for excellence or conscientiousness. But, you found a way to sink your teeth in, and have infiltrated far too many areas of my life.