perfectly imperfect

When things go wrong, it just serves to remind me how the vast majority of the time, things are going absolutely right.
"There's someone, somewhere, that wants a tomato that looks like it has a nose on it."
In reality, neither my body nor my health and wellness regime are perfect or stereotypical. But I'm ok with that. I'm used
Look at you. You're incredible. Seriously! I know you're reading this right now so your beautiful eyes are sending messages to your brain about what they've seen. You didn't have to ask or nag, they just did it. Amazing!
One afternoon, about seven years ago I was driving with my boyfriend at the time to LAX airport. And I'll never forget that moment when he turned to me with wide puppy-dog-like-eyes and said in awe: "You're perfect!"
This is the era of Facebook and We can go right to the visual and decide if we want to fondle the goods or click on by. The cover of a book is the eye candy for the IQ inside. It's the hooked worm on the bobber.
1. We confuse perfection with imperfection But there is no difference Unless, of course, you compare what is with what isn't