performance art

“The rapist is you. It’s the cops. The judges. The state. The president,” chanted the protesters performing an anti-rape anthem by Chilean feminist group LasTesis.
The Perrotin gallery in Miami Beach ended up removing the artwork early Sunday morning because the curious crowds were too much to handle.
Ayla Kirstine of Norway has gone viral thanks to a series of videos in which she runs like a horse.
Finding a guy tall enough to play Chewbacca who could dance was a challenge, according to the director.
"Burners" mourn the free-thinking philosopher king of their pagan desert gathering.
"Once I saw what goes on in jail, how we were treated, I will never forget. We need to have more conversations about it."
In light of the InfoWars host's bizarre assertion, the most interesting question is: what happens next?
Abraham Poincheval will be surrounded by his own excrement the entire time.