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Raquelin Mendieta remembers her sister and the indelible mark she left on art.
Laurie Anderson is honoring 9/11 first responder dogs in a very special way.
ZH: I am working on oil paintings now. The creation of concrete ash paintings has ended with a huge historic work. I am doing
"The purpose of this project is to raise questions about Native people, often viewed as a relic, and how they're perceived
"One boy said that he came to the Kickstarter from Lady Gaga's page and spent 11 hours researching performance art and drinking water slowly. This makes me very happy, because I hope the institute will be this kind of resource for a new generation of artists, scientists and thinkers."
As I have trained my mind to meditate for lengthy durations over the past few years, I have discovered that the gradual intensification of theta rhythmicity in the brain enables me to access a similar superabundance of otherworldly visions -- but within the realm of inner space.
Let us know what you think about Abramovic's women-only event in the comments section, and see a slideshow of her work below
Yes, I think so. I can also answer it more complexly to say the two political conditions I’m most deeply informed by as a
This particular edition of "A-Sides" finds three completely different artists sharing their craft in a typical laid-back setting.
The artists who perform during the biennial don't make money from their work, aside from those who receive official commissions