performance enhancing drugs

These players and their fans demand a plaque in Cooperstown, NY (a museum that they are already a part of) which says "Hall-of-Fame" next to the words integrity, character and sportsmanship.
Marv did not work 12-steps, did not get a sponsor, and did not really work on himself after treatment. Before long, he was
"She was dead. Her brain was dead. I cried my eyes out."
Lucas Hnath's Red Speedo, which runs for 80 minutes with no intermission, is as lithe and lean as the swimmer who begins it with a literal splash -- clad only in a red racing suit, he plunges into a narrow, glass-fronted pool that makes up part of the set.
Originally developed for low blood flow, it's found new legs among elite athletes.
In a recent interview with the New York Times, world-renowned chiropractor Gerry Ramogida claimed that he was shocked by an Al Jazeera investigation into performance enhancing drugs. In the program, several of Ramogida's alleged business partners were exposed, appearing to offer banned drugs to a British athlete. That athlete, Liam Collins, was working undercover for Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit.
This week's episode of "The Second Half" podcast breaks down the upcoming contest.
"The Dark Side" highlights serious questions about sports leagues' testing policies.
The clinic originally told reporters that Charlie Sly worked there in 2011. It now disputes that confirmation.
The Broncos quarterback fires back at claims that he used human growth hormone.