As an artist and musician I've been through countless periods where I'm just repeating the same thing over and over again. Just because I wear a porkpie hat, and have a little goatee, doesn't make me creative. Oftentimes, in spite of my job title, I'm the most dull, uncreative person in the world.
Several years ago, I was dropping my daughter off at preschool when her teacher asked, "What did you do last night?" My daughter replied cheerfully, "We had vagina pizza!"
As a parenting expert and author, I'm fortunate enough to work with some of the premiere universities and hospitals currently conducting research on this very subject. So shouldn't I be inoculated against this type of unwelcome infiltration in my own home? Um, hell no. No parent is.
"W-H-Y are they playing so badly?" My daughter asks in a voice that sounds like a deathbed rattle. I giggle and then realize this is not a rhetorical question. She actually wants an answer.
We've been here before. Literally, as any New Englander can tell you. Such a mood of complete irascibility has seldom been observed in my house. It's frustrating to watch the team you love get outplayed on their own field.
A supermoon can appear "as much as 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter" than other full moons, and Sunday's was especially
"Supermoon sinking into the atmosphere," Kuipers wrote in a Twitter post for the photo. At the time, the moon was about 221,802
"More like a super-bust," one hopeful observer said. Unlike total solar eclipses, when the moon completely covers the sun's
"Clouds are more scattered, but still obstructing views in some areas," the Washington Post reported in an 11:10 p.m. blog
For the best view, scientists recommend catching a glimpse of the supermoon at moonrise or moonset when it's on the horizon
Saturday's supermoon will be especially super. Richard Nolle, the astrologer who coined the term "supermoon," defined it
In fact, this month's perigee is the closest of any perigee in 2012 (they vary by about 3 percent, because the moon's orbit